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One Fall: NXT Breakout Tournament

Thursday Jul 23, 2020

First we wanted to thank everyone for checking the debut episode! This is a separate podcast series dedicated to one-off shows & wrestling specials. In this episode, we go over the NXT Breakout Tournament. We review the entire tournament, the 8 competitors and what everyone is up to, one year later! Let us know what other specials you would want us to cover! Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on future episodes and thanks again for support. Hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy! Take care!   Subscribe on YouTube Follow us on IG Follow us on Twitter Listen on Spotify, Podbean, and many more platforms | halfkay.podbean.com

NXT: Rock That Body (NXT 35)

Friday Jul 03, 2020

NXT 35 review (S3E7) - October 19, 2010 The rookie divas continue to earn immunity points with an elimination coming up. Although cracks are starting to show within each rookie and pro pairing, can each team stay on the same page? Also in the main event, we get a hybrid pro vs rookie tag team match, as Naomi & Kelly Kelly face the Bella Twins. With tensions high, can the Bella sisters overcome this unique pro and rookie tag team? Join us and find out! Email Us Email us any of your questions regarding NXT, the current product or anything else! We'd love to hear from you! Subscribe on YouTube Follow us on IG Follow us on Twitter

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